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VIP Bottle Service at LAVO Party Brunch

As autumn draws nearer, a well-known party brunch that showcases itself at this time of the year will soon make its way back to one of the exquisite venues in Las Vegas to meet the requirements of clients all over the world, with the best VIP bottle service.

DG VIP Services has become a well-known bottle service company in Las Vegas for over 10 years by providing the best VIP service in different occasions, including the forthcoming LAVO brunch party. We have outweighed other hosting companies when it comes to offering an optimal experiential services.

Lavo Las Vegas 4

LAVO is a rare concept that has found a way to put the interesting aspect of social life such as day clubbing, exclusive parties, brunch in a unique fashion. This is the only brunch party in Las Vegas known to be the best day club party that doesn’t involve a pool and DG VIP Services will do all the work to make sure the brunch party would be a wonderful one to remember because getting quotes, scheduling, not waiting in lines, and table services are all taken care of.

Lavo Las Vegas 6

Guests have the privilege to enjoy what is going to be the most engaging brunch party of all time with scintillating atmosphere, leaving the rooms seamlessly transitioned into an explosion of confetti showers and wild bottle-popping presentations, including an array of characters that aren’t the usual suspects.

With DG VIP Services you don't have to worry about anything. Your personal DG VIP Host will pre-arrange your table and notify the LAVO brunch personnel of your arrival as we are the only company that will stay with you and your group until your expectations are met.

Lavo Las Vegas 3

Your ultimate Las Vegas experience is awaiting your arrival using our VIP Services. First class service is guaranteed because of the aggregate amount of business we continuously bring through our elite clientele.

Simply contact us today to have a memorable experience at 877.583.7004 or email your questions to and our brunch VIP Specialist will respond to you immediately.


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