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VIP Bottle Service

DG VIP Services come with over 10 years of experience in Las Vegas bottle service, outweighing all other hosting companies in experiential services. When you engage with DG VIP Services you become an extension of our family of friends that have a pulse on the Las Vegas daylife and nightlife.

We start by finding out exactly what your ideal party scene would be and whom you'll share the experience with. Upon booking your table and bottle service for the very best dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas, we will share our recommendations to meet your expectations. As a DG VIP Services client you will gain VIP status and experience access to Las Vegas's most demanded events and nightclubs!

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You'll experience tier-one entrance, access and client services while others wait in line or get bumped to a lower valued table. We assure that your experience is always one of the upmost importance and we let all club personnel know it.

We receive first class service from all the nightclubs simply because of the aggregate amount of business we continuously bring through our elite clientele.

Our "NO LINE" policy gains you access to the very best dayclubs and nightclubs. Our signature personal touch will be experienced from the moment we engage with your party. It all starts with a simple contract and payment to secure your premium placement on the dates you request. No hidden fees and no surprises when you arrive!

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What differentiates DG VIP Services from other hosting companies?

Your Personal Concierge - Unlike other hosting companies, we personally stick by your side until all your expectations are met.

Your Personal VIP Host - DG VIP Services Host will do all of the work for you, and to ensure that you and your group have a wonderful night. You don't have to worry waiting in lines. scheduling, etc...

Best Value & Price - Unlike other hosting companies, we receive the best possible rates from the most valued tables at the most demanded dayclubs and nightclubs, guaranteed.

Client VIP Entry – Lines do not apply to our clients (including VIP hosted entry and bottle service lines) as our VIP Host walk you through all the lines and right into the venue.

Table Service – You will be seated at the best possible table and confirmed with your personal host prior to your arrival.

Unlike other hosting companies, our policy for our clients is simple and agreed upon by our nightclub venues:

Our clients do not wait in line for bottle service or VIP hosted entry.
Our clients do not get downgraded to lower valued tables.
Our clients are never asked to spend more money than the original amount agreed upon.

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We determine exactly what your expectations are and we recommend the best possible VIP experience for your party.

Choose the nightclub or dayclub of your preference from our Dayclubs or Nightclubs links and click the BOOK HERE button. Unlike other host companies, we have priority access to the very best tables in the clubs and without limitations to our clients.

We will send you a personalized quote with all the details and after your approval we execute a simple contract based on your needs. We will send you an invoice by email including the final prices and the list of all VIP services that we will be providing. After we receive the payment your event is 100% confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email and you will be all set to meet with one of our VIP Hosts. He or she will be sending a text message or email with the exactly date, time and location so you can meet.

Pool Party Las Vegas Bottle Service
Photo by: Al Powers, PowersImagery.com

With DG VIP Services, there will be NO WAITING and absolutely NO LINES at the entrance. If you prefer our personal VIP Host will pre-arrange your table prior to the dayclub or nightclub opening, pay for your table and notify all club personnel of your arrival. We are the only company that will stay with your party until your expectations are met.

Once you arrive, you will be escorted by our VIP Host, past the table reservation line and he will personally walked to your table. When you arrive at your table our VIP host will ensure that everything is appropriate within the standards so you and your group can have an unforgettable night. 

Your ultimate Las Vegas experience is awaiting your arrival, simply call us today to begin the easy booking process or click the button below to request your free no obligation quote.

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