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Have you ever thought about partying with the hottest Brazilian Octagon Girl from UFC, the Miss Brazil USA, a recognized athlete, or even your favorite actress or actor? 

With our new VIP Service called Celebrity Host we can make your dream come true!

This exclusive VIP Experience includes a line-up of Celebrity Hosts that can join you for your Bottle Service at the Pool Parties, Nightclubs, fine dining or for a Special event making your table the envy of the night! Celebrity hosts partake in your celebration as they join your event, spend time with you and your guests, sign autographs, pose for photos and much more.

Whether it's top models, athletes, an actress or actor, our team have created an experience that sets the bar much higher than ever before. Our main focus is to provide our clients with the most unforgettable party of their lives.

Simply select from the line up below or request a specific type of celebrity you would like to join you at your next extravaganza in Las Vegas!

The VIP Experience
Like Never Before