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Private Security

We use the best private security companies to provide security services, expertise and anonymity to our clients.

We primarily engaged in providing guard A bodyguard is a type of security operative who protects a client or clients, usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) from danger.

Most important public figures are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards. Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver.

A number of high-profile clients, celebrities and CEOs also use our bodyguard's services. A bodyguard team protecting our high-profile clients is be based around escorting our clients from a secure hotel or residence to a nightclub, dayclub, restaurant, lounge, meetings and other activities they have to attend during the day and night (whether professional or social), and then to escort our clients back to their final destination.

During the day, our clients may have to travel by car or plane and attend a variety of functions, including meeting, dinner invitations or personal activities such as recreation and running errands.

Each one of our clients is valued and we aim to provide peace of mind to every client!

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