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Cirque du Soleil and Light Group have teamed up once again and brought Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge to Aria. This artistic and captivating lounge offers the best modern nightlife Las Vegas has ever seen. Exuding the spirit of the luxury and refinement, GOLD Boutique Nightclub & Lounge goes to extremes to deliver charming elegance.
Intent on building on the alluring standard originally set for nightlife in Las Vegas, GOLD Boutique Nightclub & Lounge raises the bar with 3,756 square feet of glamorous décor that draws you in with a sleek bar full of sensual appeal. Since Gold opens in the evening, it gradually transitions from a chill vibe to a bit more of a full-on nightclub party atmosphere over the course of the night, with the playlist (and DJ) reflecting that throughout the evening.

The exterior is bedazzled in an unusual pattern of golden monkeys, harkening back to the unusual, but somehow stylish taste of past performers like Elvis. Seats are made of high-end Italian leather and even without knowing that fact, they certainly feel luxurious.

It's a modestly sized room, with a long bar at one end and well-placed seating scattered around the lounge. Since this isn't a megaclub with expendable space, having that is a tremendous asset. Spend an evening at Gold and experience the classy vivacity of the finest in Las Vegas nightlife.

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