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The venue is more than 62,000 square feet, with 50-foot-tall ceilings and an unparalleled multi-million-dollar sound stage designed to cater to any performer's whim. Coliseum-style seating surrounds a focal dance floor, where one can marvel at the four-story LED screens and projection walls that will display customized light and image shows distinctly tailored for each performance.

If one's taste is not in house music, the exquisite space offers a room called the "Boom Box" as a mixed-format area. With vast glass window-walls overlooking the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Boom Box offers a nightlife experience unlike any other venue. Marquee is more than just music. Once you get through the masses and up the elevator to the 17th floor, you are immediately greeted with a bar.

If you choose the Boom Box, odds are you'll think of Lavo as soon as you walk in. When you do make it to the main room you'll be inundated with a number of booths, both around the dance floor and near the walkway. The sound system is loud enough for everyone to hear the music, outside of the main room is the day club. There are two large pools along with cabanas that feature their own private plunge pool. To the right is outdoor gaming and beyond that (if you're lucky enough to get one) are private three-story bungalows with rooftop pools.

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